Why MDTriage?


Katherine Gregory, MD
San Francisco, California
"I was extremely pleased. An outstanding group of professionals. Your service
has been a Godsend"

Michael Foley, MD
Phoenix, Arizona

"Professional group with an in depth understanding of triaging perinatal patients. Extremely impressed with the quality and patients are very happy. Very seldom patient talks to physician (by patient's choice)."

Terrence McGaw, MD
Reno, Nevada

"Allows us a more reasonable lifestyle. Patients no longer have to wait for us. Patient satisfaction is excellent and MedTriage has reduced our calls by 90%."

We Protect the Physicians -- No Malpractice Lawsuits

Currently, nationwide more than 250,000 physicians use traditional non-medical answering services to provide night, weekend, and holiday patient call support. But these services do little more than delay physician callback. The burden of responding to each call incident still rests squarely with the physician. MDTriage's protocol-based after-hours call procedures provide continuity and consistency for the patient, a high degree of call relief for the doctor, and enhanced levels of protection for both patient and physician.


Traditional Answering Service

  • All calls answered by medical professionals
  • No professional clinical support
  • Provides patient with immediate assistance
    (within 15-30 minutes)
  • Low level of patient satisfaction
  • Up to 90% reduction in calls handled by doctor*
  • No true physician relief
  • Clinical documentation, integrated telephony, paging, electronic reporting, and e-mail
  • No clinical documentation, integration, or electronic patient record accuracy
  • Decreased potential for malpractice cases
  • Potential for malpractice actions high

*Based on actual results with Medical Group of Northern Nevada