Medical Phone Triage



Katherine Gregory, MD
San Francisco, California
"I was extremely pleased. An outstanding group of professionals. Your service
has been a Godsend"

Michael Foley, MD
Phoenix, Arizona

"Professional group with an in depth understanding of triaging perinatal patients. Extremely impressed with the quality and patients are very happy. Very seldom patient talks to physician (by patient's choice)."

Terrence McGaw, MD
Reno, Nevada

"Allows us a more reasonable lifestyle. Patients no longer have to wait for us. Patient satisfaction is excellent and MedTriage has reduced our calls by 90%."


Accurate Reporting... A Critical part of any effective support system

The handwritten patient reports originally produced by MDTriage nurses have evolved into a proprietary, computer-generated Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan (SOAP), that organizes the nurse-to-patient conversation into a universally accepted patient documentation format.

SOAP allows MDTriage nurses and midlevel practitioners to effectively and efficiently:

  • Collect and analyze critical patient information
  • Utilize the company's proprietary, physician-specific and symptom-specific protocols to care for the patient
  • Electronically transmit the information and reports to the physician via our secure website
  • Identify the systematic follow-up and tracking process for each patient
  • Provide a documented permanent addition to the patient's medical record
  • Permanently store all pertinent data for nurse training, physician review, and malpractice carrier review

As healthcare continues to evolve and as patients and practitioners grapple with the multitude of changing economic, ethical, and legislative conditions, one thing is certain... intelligent decisions depend on a physician's ability to move quickly and confidently with accurate information and proven, effective systems. It's ultimately what separates successful professionals from the also-rans. It's what patients expect, and nothing less will do.