Katherine Gregory, MD
San Francisco, California
"I was extremely pleased. An outstanding group of professionals. Your service
has been a Godsend"

Michael Foley, MD
Phoenix, Arizona

"Professional group with an in depth understanding of triaging perinatal patients. Extremely impressed with the quality and patients are very happy. Very seldom patient talks to physician (by patient's choice)."

Terrence McGaw, MD
Reno, Nevada

"Allows us a more reasonable lifestyle. Patients no longer have to wait for us. Patient satisfaction is excellent and MedTriage has reduced our calls by 90%."

A Decision that Makes Good Business Sense

MDTriage charges the physician a nominal fee for a per hour service. MDTriage nurses and nurse practitioners are available Monday through Friday from 5:00 PM-9:00 AM, as well as all weekends and holidays. These "free hours" for physicians total approximately 550 to 575 hours per month. If physicians are in need of business hours coverage, that is also available at an increased fee per hour.

  • Specialized, Doctor-Approved Protocols
  • Let You Manage Patient Interactions
  • Sample Protocols to be provided by MDTriage

Worried About Physician Fatigue

Throughout the country, physician conferences are targeting the problem of physician fatigue caused by hours that are too long and by the inability of doctors to effectively escape the constant pressures inherent in the profession. Numerous studies have questioned the affect that lack of rest has on the outcome of the 7:00 am surgery or on decisions made during the 8:00 am rounds.

Take Charge of Your Time Without Compromising Patient Care

Traditional "on-call" solutions such as trading call nights eliminate calls on off-nights but the doctor is often slammed with calls during his on-call nights, adding significantly to post-call fatigue. In some offices, nurses take night calls, but next day fatigue affects them as well. And, because nurses are prohibited from both diagnosing diseases and prescribing medications, the physician continues to receive a high percentage of night calls.