About Us


Katherine Gregory, MD
San Francisco, California
"I was extremely pleased. An outstanding group of professionals. Your service
has been a Godsend"

Michael Foley, MD
Phoenix, Arizona

"Professional group with an in depth understanding of triaging perinatal patients. Extremely impressed with the quality and patients are very happy. Very seldom patient talks to physician (by patient's choice)."

Terrence McGaw, MD
Reno, Nevada

"Allows us a more reasonable lifestyle. Patients no longer have to wait for us. Patient satisfaction is excellent and MedTriage has reduced our calls by 90%."

The Company Behind the Logo

MDTriage was founded in 1998 by an experienced Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner who was convinced that there was a solution for after-hours patient care and communication. The company initially faxed handwritten patient reports to six-doctor Obstetrics & Gynecology group in Reno, Nevada. Since then, MDTriage has grown steadily to become a regional organization servicing over eighty physicians in Nevada, Arizona, and California. In addition to Obstetrics and Gynecology, other medical specialties include Perinatal Medicine, Family Practice, and Internal Medicine.


By using MDTriage, a physician can off-load the specialized duties of answering calls at night, or on weekends, and trying to perform at the highest standards of care. When MDTriage personnel take off-hour calls, the licensed professionals are the only practitioners held to that standard, not the sleeping physician.